15 Tips For Properly Using The ‘Crop Top’

Posted On 24 Apr 2014
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  • Give warm welcome this time of a sexy, cool way, but especially suitable only thing you have to do is follow these ‘tips’!

  • The ‘crop top‘ is an excellent alternative to show off hot body this season! How about you, you already know how to use them? If not, you pay close attention.
  • If you wear a “crop top” set to the upper body, it is best to achieve the balance of your outfit with a flowing garment underneath to achieve harmony in your looks. What do you think this bohemian option?


  • The ‘crop top‘ become the best allies of the short women to be a garment, cut above the waist, creating the visual feel of longer legs, and hence of greater height.
  • Do not worry if your belly is not the world more toned! The cut of this garment is ideal as it prevents let see those ‘extra pounds’ more when you coordinate with high-waisted pants.


  • Your figure will look equally amazing applying this same rule in all high-waisted clothes you use in the back of your body. Definitely do not have excuses for not using them!
  • If you are a shy girl, who first encouraged wearing a ‘crop top‘, forget about using layers worth with this garment. Use up your ‘top’ a second garment to cover everything not to display and give a hint of sensuality.
  • Another tip I give you is to use high waist skirts with ‘crop top‘ to stylize the figure and super cool to walk again.
  • If you are a super naughty girl, and loves to take ‘fashionistas’ risks, you can use a ‘crop top‘ with transparencies, and some other little fabric garment underneath for any casual occasion.
  • The best choice for a formal or elegant ‘look’ using this tiny garment is in combination with a pencil skirt.
  • Nothing will give you more style and glamour to bring these two pieces together to an event, no matter whether it is day or night. To give an extra ‘plus’ of formality, you can add accessories like a stylish headband that accentuates your waist more.
  • If you do not want formality but a neat style, it is best to keep a ‘crop top‘ not so tight to the body that allows you to move more easily.


  • To exercise are also great! Presume the results of your fitness routines arduous wearing your favorite pants with ‘crop top‘ exercising sport that lets you smoothly and in a very sensual way.
  • While this piece is ideal for super sunny days, you can also adapt it for days with some clouds in the sky. Our recommendation is to take it with tights, boots, sweater and scarf.
  • The ‘crop top‘ tops are ideal when you have to look is on your shoulders drop a little heat, so during the day will frequently see this trend.


  • While for the afternoon and evening, the ‘crop top‘ with sleeves allow you to choose whether to wear or not an extra sweater on top.
  • This garment is responsible for focus much attention on your upper body, so it is best to use simple and nothing flashy accessories, or all you will achieve is very ornate look in that area.
  • If you’re ‘crop top‘ has a super original design and color, sure to bring a simple garment underneath for a perfect balance in your looks.
  • The ‘jeans’ are an excellent choice to coordinate with this piece. So now you know, do not waste more time and go out and take this super sensual, daring and perfect for any occasion trend.
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