5 Days Tour To A Successful City: New York!

Posted On 10 May 2014
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New York, a city where everyone should have! Been a time in his life if you see the city on TV or in books seems to be a hectic and chaotic intention, but nothing is less true.

I’ve never been in such a relaxed city! My trip to New York took almost a week, which I had five full days in New York to spend. I will tell you how you see everything in five days and could have done!

Day 1

The first day was for us unfortunately a rainy day. We had decided to become one of the great museums of New York to visit. The choice fell on The Museum of Natural History. If you go by metro to the museum, you stand at the station immediately in line for the museum. The museum is great to look at, because you really do not feel like after a few hours and getting tired feet shuffle it around in a day. But dinosaurs you should really have seen. Also, the models of various villages’ very fun to watch.

After visiting the museum we drove to Grand Central Station by subway. This station is very nice to look at and you do not have access to pay for! Among the main hall is the so-called food court, you can eat here at all sorts of tents. That is what we have done, so we definitely recommend to at Junior’s a tasty burger or sandwich to eat once.

Then we walked on foot to the Public Library. Again, you cannot pay in, and the building is really beautiful, especially for people who love architecture. At the top of the hall you can admire beautiful frescoes and the large reading rooms are open to the public. It is also possible to provide internet access.

From the Public Library so you can catch some of the 5th Avenue shopping. Then we went to Macy’s and have watched all floors and a delicious ice cream eaten at Ben & Jerry’s!

That night we went. On Broadway in 42nd Street at the New Amsterdam Theatre Here played Mary Poppins. There were still tickets available for only $ 30 per person; we had beautiful places on the balcony! The show was fantastic with very beautiful scenery. The theater is very old, and you do not really legroom and the seats slant as you are more into the corners, but that has all its charms!

Day 2

We started on a Hop-on Hop-off bus. We have all the Villages and secured a first look at Chinatown and Little Italy thrown. We got off near Ground Zero, here we skated on the other hand, and you arrive at the Hudson. Along the water, we walked all the way to Battery Park. Here the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, we would not even keep. We walked down to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. This leaves every half hour free ferry to Staten Island. This ferry is packed with tourists because you sail past the Statue of Liberty and have a beautiful view of the skyline of New York. Across arrived you step back on the next ferry.

Back in Manhattan, we walked along the shore to the South Street Seaport. Here we drank some fun. Then we walked through to the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge, ready to walk to the other side. If you are afraid of heights, you should not look down, it’s because wooden planks underneath water or cars!

Have arrived at the other side, we took the first stop of the Hop-on Hop-off bus. This made a whole tour of Brooklyn, that way you have seen that neighborhood anyway too. When we were back in Manhattan the day was not over yet, so we are still fun to go shopping, because it’s New York. Century 21 is a must if you are looking for highly discounted designer clothes, this shop you will find next to Ground Zero.

Day 3

This day we started with a tour. We had the TV & Movie Sites tour booked. With a bus go past various locations that we know from movies and TV series. Although I do not follow all the series is still fun to see the city. Thus also, do some walks past the house from the Cosby Show, Friends House and past the shop with delicious rice pudding Rice to Riches’ from the movie ‘Hitch’.

After this tour we walked towards Central Park. Here we have throughout the afternoon walk. At the end of the afternoon we return along the outer edge along the park and walked towards Bloomingdales. Also walked through this chic store! Then we walked to the funicular that takes you to Roosevelt Island. It only takes a metro ticket and it’s a special experience and forth with very nice views. The island is really very thin and not very long. With ordinary subway, we again relied on the island and ate that night at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, a real American diner where the staff served you singing and dancing!

When we visited Times Square, and a lot of pictures. But something is not to capture a photo. Also we have been to the cinema, because you have to go through that again in America. Popcorn and cola were so great that I could hardly hold it.

Day 4

This day it rained again so we started a little shopping. In the afternoon we went to the Empire State Building. Because it had rained that morning it was still a bit cloudy, so not crowded. Normally there are huge queues for access but we could just go through! On the roof of the Empire State Building, you can also go outside; there was a strong wind so you had to hold everything well. Despite the clouds you could see everything fine and it is not scary at all (although other people might think differently about that!).

After our visit to the Empire State Building was the time for us to take the subway. Toward Shea Stadium We had home bought tickets for the baseball game of Mets for $ 5 over the internet you already have a ticket and you can print it at home! It is very nice to make a baseball game with

Day 5

Time to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island visit. It probably does not matter what time you get up before because standing in line whets. At the time we joined the waiting time was about a half hour … phew… Luckily the sun shone warm!

The ferry takes you first to Liberty Island; if you’ve seen it all and have taken plenty of pictures you can take the next ferry to Ellis Island. Here you can see all the immigrants who came to live in America and what they have endured. Before From this island ferry brings you back to Battery Park.

For us this was our last activity because we had that evening with the plane home. Our trip went by too fast, but we do believe that we have seen and done as much as possible, and we will definitely come back to this cool city!

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