911 Calls By The Avalanche, “He Took All The Houses Were”

Posted On 26 Mar 2014
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Dozens of people light candles after avalanche in Washington.

Oh God!”

Heartbreaking voices and sunk into despair. Were increasingly frantic calls seeking relief by tragedy: a deadly avalanche surprised Washington? So are the calls for help received 911 in Snohomish County near Bear.

The first to report the tragedy was a woman. Realized the disaster that began with this nightmare for the locals.

“There was a house on Highway 530 and is no longer on the road at the bottom of the hill Skaglund … there was a huge landslide and has pushed to finish a house, across the road … The house is not busy. People came out. I cannot believe this. Oh My! “Says a desperate voice.

Gradually distress calls were increasing. As the chaos progressed, people were heard increasingly strained.

“There are at least two to three miles blocked. We have probably about 15 cars,” says another woman.

Minutes later a man called very concerned about the situation of his neighbor.

“The house of my neighbor and his neighbor’s house were dragged out. Were collapsed. Several people were trapped, I can hear them hit. Shout for help. Several of them, in groups, under debris and roof the house. ”

The tension of the residents of this community was evident. The bodies of firefighters and rescuers began to perform tasks in a race against time to try to save as many lives as possible.

“There’s a mudslide took everything. Households were carried. We saw hundreds of trees falling. There are people screaming for help. Lot of people screaming for help. He stopped 100 meters from my house,” another voice alert.

The work of the rescuers has been difficult due to the conditions of the earth and the mud left by the avalanche. Besides the threat of more rain prevented them from advancing.

Another call from a man shows his despair by reporting his wife.

“My wife just called me. I said there is a flood, hundreds of trees down and that there is a buried car,” he says.

Another woman described with surprise that several cars are buried.

For residents of Snohomish, does not end this catastrophe. The hardest part is to lift the rubble, where one by one, they appear more bodies buried. The authorities have indicated that at least 24 people have been killed in this incident.

However fatalities may increase. There are more than 100 missing and as the hours go by, it is losing hope of finding them alive.

Dozens of homes were destroyed by the avalanche of mud and rocks near Bear, about 56 miles northeast of Seattle.

“The situation is very grim,” said Travis Hots, fire chief of Snohomish.

And while jobs are still under the rubble, residents living between anxiety and uncertainty in the fifth day of searching.

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