Advertising Campaign Causes Hullabaloo In Mexico

Posted On 28 Dec 2013
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In Mexico wonder where he got the Mexican official money to finance his expensive promotion in the capital.

Until the Federal District became the advertising of local management of first year in office the youngest governor of Mexico.

A study of the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy in Mexico reveals that Chiapas is the poorest state in the country. A governor, Manuel Velasco Coello, accused has spent during the first year in office the sum of $ 10 million in advertising.

The Expenditure Budget of the State of Chiapas for Fiscal Year 2013 allocated more than $ 10 million (129.434, 606.45 pesos) to the Institute of Social Communication of the state agency responsible for executing advertising and media communication. The money spent for this purpose was assigned to the areas of social media and advertising spending, according to the draft budget for 2013 expenses of the Ministry of Finance of the entity.

The newspaper Reforma reported that this sum exceeds the double of what the former governor, Juan Sabines, spent two years in office. With this amount of expenses such as governance report, presented annually by the governors would be covered.

These reports aim to present advancements in materials relevant to local issues that have been made in the state and the state government, in this case of Chiapas, want to publicize.

The first report

Exercise the first year of the administration of Velasco, the management report is presented under the slogan “Chiapas progresses.” The ads Velasco disclosed what it considers substantial progress in its management in a year, he says, was marked by economic hardship and natural disasters.

The Univision news reported that Governor Velasco rosto frequently appears in advertising space in the governor having mass concentrations popular together with older people, indigenous and children.

Television commercials, radio, Internet and billboards came to the City of Mexico, located considerably geographically distant from the state of Chiapas.

Although Velasco said during the presentation of his report in 2013 which were required to “make decisions that were not popular but were the right decisions for Chiapas had financial viability.” And said he had to “tighten their belts” in government spending, an argument with which not everyone agrees.

Salary reduction

The Velasco austerity plan included reducing wages and salaries of officials of the state administration by 50% and 25%, measured at about 104 mayors who joined as Process Journal reported.

Álvaro Cueva Mexican media analyst believes that Velasco has used this quote for personal promotion. Cuevas said that “you’re spending a fortune on their personal, when the governor of one of the poorest states in our country,” while there are other concerns in your state without being addressed.

The Federal Code of Electoral Institutions and Procedures indicated in paragraph 5 of Article 228 that management reports are not considered propaganda, provided they are broadcast once a year, on a 7-day period prior to the submission of the report and 5 below in stations and channels of regional coverage “for the geographical area of ​​responsibility of the public servant.”

The Political Constitution of the Mexican United States also points out, Article 134, that public officials are “at all times bound to apply impartially public resources under their responsibility.”

Based on these regulations, there are those who seek to conduct an investigation of spending by the governor Velasco by nationwide campaign has had.

Recently, also in social networks has been felt discontent with commercials governor Velasco. In channels such as Twitter messages circulating claim with the # QuitaUnAnuncio and some even invited to fill out a form to demand that claim is withdrawn propaganda.

Who is Manuel Velasco Coello?

Manuel Velasco Coello is 32 years old and is the grandson of the physician and former governor of Chiapas by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Manuel Velasco Suarez. He became the first governor elected by the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, in alliance with the PRI government to obtain 67% of the vote in elections of July 2012. His political career has taken him to public office as Deputy Local (2001-2003), federal deputy (2003-2006) and Senator of the Republic for the state of Chiapas (2006-2012). Governor Velasco is the youngest governor of Mexico and currently maintains a relationship with the Mexican singer and actress Anahi Puente Portilla.

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