Alabama Supreme Court Orders Halt Gay Marriages

Posted On 04 Mar 2015
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This decision contravenes numerous failures of federal judges.

The Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the judges of probate courts to stop granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples, a decision that contravenes numerous failures of local federal judges and other states that have declared unconstitutional ban on weddings gay.

The court, whose judges are all Republicans, endorsed a couple of conservative stating in his ruling that the federal Constitution does not alter the duty of judges to administer state law, organizations which defines marriage as one that only you can be between a man and a woman.

Six justices concurred in the opinion of 134 pages but none signed; rescued himself from the case, the Chief Justice Roy Moore, the most outspoken of all in their rejection of marriage between same-sex couples.

The gay marriages began in some counties in Alabama on February 9 after the federal judge Callie Granade, Mobile, said in a ruling that they were unconstitutional constitutional and statutory prohibitions against gay marriages.

Immediately after the ruling of Judge Moore had told the judges of probate courts in the state that they were not obliged to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

As Moore’s position aroused widespread confusion, some judges refused to issue marriage licenses while others canceled all activities for couples, were gay or straight, until they could get a clear answer.

The court ruling issued Tuesday was the response to the request submitted clusters Alabama Policy Institute (Alabama Policy Institute) and the Alabama Citizens Action Program (Program of Action Citizens of Alabama) who leads a Baptist church

Judge Jim Main agreed with the ruling but said he is concerned about aspects of the procedures “of this extraordinarily unusual case”.

Judge Greg Shaw said it was “unfortunate” that federal courts refuse to take the gay marriages in which the US Supreme Court resolved the controversy nationwide. However, Shaw said the US Supreme Court has no authority to consider the matter.

The court issued its decision at a time when Gov. Robert Bentley and most state leaders are meeting in Montgomery for Delivery Alabama. A spokeswoman for Bentley said the government reviewed the decision and would not immediately comment on the matter.

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