Almost Everything Ready For The Wedding Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye

Posted On 23 May 2014
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  • The wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye is just around the corner.
  • The entire Kardashian clan is in Paris for the great union.
  • Photographers are not separated from these stars.

  • Kim Kardashian wants to go to the altar with a great body.
  • So the captured yesterday as he left the gym.
  • With zero makeup and huge sunglasses to cover her face
  • The diva is very thin, but said that is not an extreme diet.

  • As the big day arrives the popular couple engaged to enjoy Paris.
  • They look very smiling and in love.
  • They have nerves a mile a minute.
  • Much has been said about the expected union.
  • At first it was said that swear eternal love in Paris.
  • Later switched places wedding, now is almost certainly be in Florence.

  • After a reception given in The City of Light, all guests will fly to Florence for the ceremony and celebration.
  • Here is the wedding.
  • The Forte di Belvedere in Florence, a spectacular place.
  • The spokesperson for the City of Florence, Elisa Di Lupo, confirmed that the wedding will be here.
  • Initially targeted lovebirds very high, wanted their union was in the Palace of Versailles.

  • But it was impossible to get, so fixed in this beautiful Italian countryside.
  • The couple has handled very discreetly all the details of their marriage.
  • Not even the guests know what surprises await.
  • However, the Forte di Belvedere, is the ideal place.
  • It has large walls that prevent the paparazzi have any chance of capturing images.

  • Guests have committed to comply with a long list of indications.
  • Including strict dress code, men must wear black tie, women dressed very elegant.
  • They have also signed the confidentiality agreement.
  • Kim Kardashian becoming Bruce Jenner‚Äôs arm to the altar.
  • It is unclear whether Beyonce and Jay-Z attend the union or have any special presentation.
  • What can already see much movement in place?
  • Trucks entering and leaving the countryside.
  • They have mounted large wooden walls around the beautiful property.
  • They do not want anything to leak.

  • At first it was thought that the wedding would be transmitted in the Kardashian reality show, but no.
  • They want to make the event completely private.
  • Workers enter and leave the place day and night.

  • A huge crane what could be a stunning setting
  • What about the big night?
  • Kanye West was the most excited that the wedding will be held in Florence, and you are sure that this place fathered her daughter.
  • It is unclear as spent, but only for the rent of the place could have paid $ 410,000.

  • The beautiful building was created in 1590 at the request of Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinando I de ‘Medici, and the money will leave the wedding of these stars will go to maintenance.
  • To calm his nerves future husbands have gone shopping since arriving in Paris.
  • We have seen them in the most exclusive boutiques, Versace, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent.
  • So looks the sunset from the Forte di Belvedere, certainly a beautiful sight to frame a romantic wedding.
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