Amazon Got Permission To Test Drones Sharing

Posted On 22 Mar 2015
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The federal government issued a certificate allowing the giant train your staff drones.

Amazon won approval from US regulators to test a flying drone to distribute products, part of the efforts of e-commerce giant to accelerate deliveries to customers, amid public concerns about security and privacy.

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Thursday it had issued a certificate of experimental air navigation for a unit of Amazon and its prototype drone, allowing you to perform external flights on private rural land in the state of Washington.

The certificate is applicable to a particular design of drone and Amazon should get a new certification test flights if you modify the prototype.

In return, the company must provide monthly data to air regulators, and perform flights to 400 feet (120 meters) or less in height and “visibility weather conditions,” according to the certificate of Management.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants to use drones to deliver packages as part of a program called “Prime Air”. The company is developing drones that can fly at a speed of 50 mph (80 kph), operated autonomously, and evade objects.

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