American Political Scientist: France And Germany Finally Realized That The US Went Crazy

Posted On 29 Mar 2015
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American political columnist Paul Craig Roberts was of the opinion that the fanatical anti-Russian propaganda paramilitary Washington filled the front pages of major Western media is a real threat to the world. In the US, obviously crazy, political scientist, and is finally realized in France and Germany, where he is now doing their utmost to avoid war.

Advisor to former US President for National Security, George W. Bush, and Condoleezza Rice has repeatedly said the Americans that Saddam Hussein threatens huge nuclear mushroom American cities. The threat, however, has not been confirmed, says political scientist Paul Craig Roberts on the pages of an American newspaper The American Free Press.

Currently, the civilian US cities hung real evil, with the danger comes not from somewhere far away, but directly from the White House, where so busy demonizing Russia and its leadership, said Paul Craig Roberts.

He recalls the video clip, which aired on March 13 of CNN and demonstrated absurd propaganda of the Cold War. If the presenter Wolf Blitzer filmed George Orwell’s book “1984″, where the Russian Federation - the main military aggressor, and the United States have to “organize a propaganda campaign, which aims to prepare Americans for a conflict with Russia.”

Propaganda was so “ill-conceived and blatantly lying to the media,” it becomes obvious who was the main source of “spreading war fever,” says Roberts. “The so-called mainstream media have become the Propaganda Ministry,” - said political commentator.

Similar information messages “merge” in the British media, where the defense minister Michael Fallon has already called Russia “a real and immediate threat” to Europe.

“The fact that such a blatant lie can come from high-ranking officials without any evidence and without a twinge of conscience, should scare you to death. We are witnessing an absolute lack of respect for truth and human life on the part of senior officials and the media, “- says Roberts.

According to the analyst, released corrupt Washington media propaganda is “the most irresponsible act in the history of mankind.” If Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev succeeded in eliminating the threat of nuclear war, the neoconservatives with their corrupt media revived her.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is aware of the tragedy of the situation and doing its utmost to eliminate tension, but Washington is in its hard: the price of forgiveness Russia - the return of the Crimea and the naval base of the Black Sea Fleet, refusal to support the Russian-speaking population in the south-eastern Ukraine, and consent to the placement NATO military bases in Ukraine.

But, as noted by Paul Craig Roberts, a blatant lie and propaganda Wolf Blitzer on CNN somehow not linked to the fact that German intelligence challenges the Washington toward Russia and that “the French and German governments have finally realized that the US went crazy” and desperately trying not to let Washington to start a war.

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    America is the continuation of the German Third Reich, but it has also many accomplices in Europe, Asia and the America’s.

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