An American Soldier Was Preparing An Attack On A Military Base In Illinois

Posted On 27 Mar 2015
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Edmonds Hasan was arrested by FBI agents in Chicago Midway International Airport.

US soldier arrested supporting ISISA US soldier was arrested at Chicago airport while attempting to travel to join the ranks of the Islamic State (ISIS) with his cousin, who was planning attacks on military installations, said Thursday the Justice Department said in a statement.

Hasan Edmonds, 22 and a member of the National Guard, was arrested by FBI agents on Wednesday at the Chicago Midway International Airport as he was boarding a flight to Egypt.

Jonas Edmonds, 29, was arrested the same day at home. Both are US citizens

According to documents from the federal complaint, the cousins ​​had planned to Jonas Edmonds conduct a terrorist attack in the United States after Hassan Edmonds leaves the country.

Without detailing, the document states that had seen an armed attack on a US military facility in northern Illinois, where Hassan Edmonds had been trained.

Both men will appear before Judge Sheila Finnegan, of the District Court of Illinois, charged with providing material support to the Islamic State.

The activities of the soldier caught the attention of the FBI in late 2014, as recorded by the writ.

An undercover FBI agent sent a friend request by the social network Facebook to Hassan Edmonds, who began exchanging messages with the agent and confess his plan to infringe on behalf of ISIS.

“I make sure all my affairs are arranged here before going to give everything for my ‘deen’ (faith, in Arabic). In my view, this is the best way. Otherwise, I would have gone for months. God willing will be soon. I work for it every day, “Edmonds told the FBI agent.

Later the two defendants met with the undercover agent and he confessed to the plan and intention to carry out an armed attack on a US military facility in northern Illinois, where Hassan Edmonds was training.

The cousin Jonas Edmonds asked the undercover agent to help him in the attack for which they planned camouflage uniforms of the National Guard and use information Hassan Edmonds had achieved in their work to enter the base.

“We will pursue and prosecute vigorously all those who support the Islamic State and its agenda of ruthless violence,” he said in a statement the prosecutor Northern Illinois, Zachary T. Fardon District.

“Anyone who threatens to harm our citizens and allies, either abroad or here in America, will face the force of justice,” he added.

According to Efe, if the two defendants are found guilty of conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, could be sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined $ 250,000

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    It’s clear the us/israel created and controls ISIS. This arrest is a farce.

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