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Posted On 02 May 2014
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CONMEBOL and CONCACAF join forces in this historic Copa America.

The historic announcement that a couple of days promised materialized CONCACAF on Thursday, when the president of the agency, Jeffrey Webb, confirmed the celebration of the Centenary Copa America 2016 in conjunction with the holder of CONMEBOL, Eugenio Figueredo.

The competition will be held from 3 to June 26, 2016 on U.S. soil, with host cities defined.

What is certain for now is the participation of the 10 South American teams, and the United States by Mexico to host and guest.

The total of 16 teams will complete the last champions of the Central American and Caribbean areas CONCACAF, while the last two will leave the Gold Cup 2015.

This Copa America will celebrate the centenary of CONMEBOL and played one year of traditional publishing in Chile 2015.

“CONCACAF and CONMEBOL join the Americas bringing together 16 teams on American soil and the event will have historical significance,” said Webb.

The leader explained that the choice of venues will be a process of the Organizing Committee and stressed that the United States is the host that is the most diverse country in the continent.

Meanwhile, Figueredo said that exploit the centenary of its confederation to organize this tournament but in the future seek to continue joining forces with CONCACAF.

He also said he negotiated with the FIFA calendar theme for teams to have their figures. This Copa America will be played almost the same days as the Euro 2016, after which the latter will start on June 10 to end on 10 July.

“We are making efforts to Jeffrey and FIFA all selections bring their strongest team, all teams will compete to be champions and we want those who are active in Europe and come back to their roots,” he said.

The press conference was held at a hotel in Miami, where the President of the Mexican Football Federation, Justino Compean was among players like Ramon Ramirez, Pavel Pardo, Argentine Juan Pablo Sorin and the U.S. Cobi Jones.

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