Apple Announces New Operating System For Mac, IPad and IPhone

Posted On 03 Jun 2014
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Technology giant Apple today announced the launch of new operating systems for Macs and IPhone and IPad devices, Mac OS X and IOS 10.10 8, respectively, to deepen integration between devices.

Such is the degree of integration between different Apple devices has reached the Cupertino company (California, USA) that new operating systems allow, for example, receive and respond to calls from the IPhone directly from your computer or share photos with a single “click” between the IPhone and the IPad.

“It works even if your phone is on the other side of the house to recharge the battery. Never you are going to miss a call,” said Vice President of Apple software, Craig Federighi, the developer conference that the U.S. Company held from today until Friday in San Francisco, called WWDC.

The new operating system for Mac OS X named in homage to Yosemite National Park California-popular presents novelties in design with translucent menus and a new integrated search system that allows to compile information and internet applications from the desktop device itself (via Spotlight).

The IOS 8 for phones and tablets, meanwhile, improved messaging services and has two main applications: “Health”, which centralizes all the information of the different applications on the health and physical activity of the user; and Home Kit that allows control from mobile appliances such as lights, gates and automatic sales or thermostats.

“Today we have seen how our products work together in harmony. Together, they offer an integrated and continuous experience, something only Apple can do,” said the CEO of the company‚Äôs bitten apple, Tim Cook, who opened and closed the WWDC keynote presentation, which this year brings together more than 6,000 developers.

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