Ask Michelle Obama To Help Stop Deportations

Posted On 08 May 2014
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Mothers Day is coming and many came to the capital to fight deportation.

Dozens of immigrant mothers and activists from across the U.S., including California Marbled Betty, asked the help of the First Lady, Michelle Obama, that she was once a stop to the deportations and the Obama Administration extended the relief to undocumented migrant .

A four-day “Mother’s Day” in the U.S., Marbled and other activists huddled outside a Lutheran church near Capitol for they deliver postcards in calling President Barack Obama “use the power of the pen” to halt the deportations.

“We appeal to the condition of mother of Michelle Obama for President we halt the deportations. I want her to put on our shoes and understand the pain of separation. What would she feel if you had to part with their daughters Sasha and Malia? “He told The Marbled Opinion, an undocumented mother of Los Angeles.

“I left the City for 22 years and thought I was coming to a country with security and justice, but it is not. Here is a war against the undocumented, “Heather said.

Heather has a daughter who became a permanent resident by her husband and one child that filed for protection under the program of “deferred action.”

The activists also visited the offices of some lawmakers to convince them of the urgency of immigration reform “common sense”.

“The power of the pen”

The idea of ​​the campaign, entitled “Power boom” is to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis that is causing the separation of families and mass deportations.

Postcards, yellow and blue and red letters, pray the message: “Mr. President, use the power of the pen “to stop the deportations, and will be delivered to the White House.

It is estimated that the authorities deported 1,100 undocumented daily, and because of these deportations US-born children are left without parents, or end up in a foster home.

In the U.S. there are at least 5,100 children in these temporary homes in 22 states, according to activists. If the current crisis is not corrected, another 15,000 children could find themselves in similar situations in the next five years.

In recent weeks, activists from across the political spectrum and immigration reform supporters have staged protests in Washington to persuade the public of the benefits of immigration reform.

Apathetic Republicans

However, Republicans in the House of Representatives did not include immigration reform in his legislative agenda for the spring, and the window of opportunity is reduced for Congress debated the legislation.

Currently, the Democratic proposal for immigration reform HR15 has 199 cosponsors and more than 30 Republican lawmakers have said they support reform, as Democratic sources.

A special request by Democrats to force a vote of the HR15 in the House has not yet met the 218 votes needed to achieve the goal.

The 113 legislative sessions will expire in January, so any legislation that is passed in the plenary of the Lower House this year will have to be reintroduced in the session that starts in January.

The campaign features the participation of groups like Detention Watch Network, LACK, Change, and NALACC.

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