Barack Obama Landed In Afghanistan By Surprise

Posted On 26 May 2014
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Meeting with 32 thousand military

President Barack Obama landed in Afghanistan on Sunday to visit U.S. troops are still in Afghan territory, a journey that was not mentioned on its agenda, the White House said.

This Monday, America celebrates Memorial Day, a day in which Americans remember and honor all those soldiers who have served the country in the Armed Forces and lost their lives in the battlefield, indicating the agency Efe.

As indicated reporters accompanying the president, the president’s trip will focus precisely at a meeting with some of the 32,000 soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan, a war that Obama has committed to end this year.

In addition, the country music star Brad Paisley, who traveled with the president, also take part in acts of appreciation to the soldiers, “are expected to be long in appreciation for the troops and in short statements on foreign policy.”

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