Beware: Most Dating Applications Can Be Hacked

Posted On 13 Feb 2015
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The technology company IBM warned that most of the “apps” dating, 63 percent is vulnerable to attacks from hackers who can access cameras users, their microphones, location and other information.

IBM researchers analyzed the 41 most popular applications for the Android operating system dating and concluded that over 60 percent of them have security issues ranging from intermediate to severe.

IBM did not disclose the names of the 26 applications with problems, but reported the situation to the companies that developed them.

According to a report in 2013 by the Pew Research Center, about 31 million Americans have used websites or applications dating.

“Many users use and rely on their mobile for different applications. This trust allows hackers exploit weaknesses, such as those found in these applications dating” he said in a statement Caleb Brown, vice president of IBM Security.

Brown encouraged users to be careful not to reveal too much confidential information on those sites.

IBM recommends using such applications using unique passwords that do not use on other pages, update your applications and use secure Internet connections.

The report comes out just days before the popular Valentine’s celebration, this Saturday February 14th.

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