Bill Gates, Again The Richest In The World, According To Forbes

Posted On 03 Mar 2015
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The list of people with a fortune of over 1,000 million was headed, once again, by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, according to the classification broadcast Monday by the US magazine Forbes.

Already last year, Gates had shifted to the Mexican Carlos Slim the first place on this list and editing of 2015 consolidated that position, and also his fortune: if last year was calculated 76,000 million, this year is 79,200 million.

Forbes grouped the richest in the world on a list that includes 1,826 people. They meet a fortune of 7.05 trillion (million million) dollars, with an average of 3,860 million dollars each.

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Gates, founder of Microsoft, 59, now spends most of his time to philanthropic work, took first place 16 times in the last two decades.

In 2013 he took the post Slim, 75, telecommunications mogul sector in the continent, with a current fortune estimated at 77.100 million, but in 2014 recovered, and keeps ranking released today.

Although this year there were no changes in the list of Forbes in the first two places compared to 2014, proved to be different in the following two positions: the Spanish Amancio Ortega was moved from third to fourth place by American Warren Buffett.

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Buffett, 84, presides over one of the leading investment groups in the United States, Berkshire Hathaway, and Forbes estimated his fortune of about 72,700 million.

A Ortega, 78, who controls the group Inditex textile and clothing chain Zara, the list attributed a fortune of about 64,500 million

The rest of the top ten lists are all Americans, except for the French Liliane Bettencourt, 92, L’Oreal group in position 10 and whom Forbes credited with a fortune of 40,100 million.

In the first twenty four members of the Walton family, owners of the retailer Walmart, which occupy the 8 (Christy Walton), 9 (Jim Walton), 11 (Alice Walton) and 12 (S. Robson Walton).

Within the same group of twenty richest personalities there another Frenchman, Bernard Arnault, ranking 13, who runs the luxury goods firm LVMH, and Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing, in 17th place The world’s richest Asia.

The youngest among the top twenty is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, 30, who is ranked 16 and who Forbes estimated her a fortune of about 33,400 million.

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But among the 1,826 billionaires on the list, the youngest is Evan Spiegel, 24 years old, single, co-founder of the firm Snapchat mobile messages, with an estimated fortune of 1,500 million.

The oldest rich are David Rockefeller Sr., 99 years, ranking 603 of the Forbes list, with an estimated 3,000 million in fortune. Among the members of the legendary US oil family is the oldest.

As noted by Forbes in accounting information, list, available on the site includes 1,191 members who forged for themselves their fortunes and the rest wholly or partly inherited it.

Comparing the data of the last year, the billionaire who’s won was Buffett, who increased his fortune in 14,500 million.

Who else lost, however, Aliko Dangote was Nigeria, Africa’s richest tycoon and cement, sugar and flour: his fortune fell 14,700 million in the last year.

15% of the richest persons in the world are women, led by Christy Walton, the Wal-Mart chain, which repeats the eighth.

Of the 290 new people that integrate for the first time this year the list of Forbes, China is the country that brings greater number of novices, 71, followed by the US (57), India (28) and Germany (23).

Among the new figure the former player Michael Jordan NBA, 52, who Forbes credited with a fortune of about 1,000 million, which allowed him to control equipment Charlote Hornets.

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