Bitter Debut Candy Crush Bag

Posted On 27 Mar 2014
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Below the price per share set by the company.

Wall Street received without enthusiasm the appearance in Bag King Digital, makers of the popular cell phone gameCandy Crush Saga“.

The actions of the creator of the game, King Digital, debuted on Wall Street with a price of $20.50 each, nine percent below the $ 22.5 that the company had set a starting price.

Following its announced entry into Exchange, the company fell to 11.73 percent, plus the value of the company reached 6,500 million, 7,600 million below its IPO, reported CNN Expansion web.

“King Digital is putting all his energy into finding the next game you can leave the company less dependent on Candy Crush” the paper quoted Peter Garny at Saxo Bank. The disappointing first minute of the day could be leaving apparent concern about the profits of the company.

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