California Is Preparing For “The Storm Of The Decade”

The National Weather Service issued a flood warning, high winds and landslides for Northern California, where residents are preparing for a powerful storm that could be the biggest in five years.

“The storm of the decade” as meteorologists have called whip from western Washington to northern California with rains of 3 to 5 inches, according to Associated Press reports. Rainfall could reach up to 14 inches of rain in the Olympic Mountains, west of Seattle, and North Cascades, east of the city.

The Weather Service warning applies to northern communities above 6,000 feet, including the Lassen National Park, Donner Pass, Echo Summit and Carson Pass, according to reports the Los Angeles Times.

Although in some areas of the state are beginning to feel the first signs of “the storm of the decade”, the alert Meteorological enter into force from 10:00 pm on Wednesday until 1:00 pm Friday. The authorities are asking residents to be vigilant to adverse weather that could lead to road closures for several hours.

This Wednesday night and Thursday is expected to storm hits northern California with winds and heavy rainfall. Between Thursday and Friday may floods, landslides and many delays on major road corridors and airports are recorded.

The Office of Emergency Services governor of California, Jerry Brown, showed particular concern for the areas that were devastated by wildfires and could suffer further damage.

The weather service predicted winds of 20-40 mph, with gusts as high as 60 mph.


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