Capital of USA

Washington DC has been serving as a capital of USA since 1800. There are eight other cities in USA which served as the capital city of the country. These capitals have been the meeting places for the congress. As we know there are fifty states of the United States so each state maintains its own capital. The Capitol Hill is located in Washington DC which is used for the meetings of US congress. The east and west sides of the hill are made for different purposes. The east front is for visitors while the west side is for executives with a white exterior.

Before declaring Washington D.C the capital of USA, the meetings of the congress were being held in Philadelphia at New York and many other places as well. These meetings were being held in 1774 to 1781. The residence act was passed in 1790 with which the way to make a permanent capital was paved. Philadelphia was elected as a capital of the country for ten years on temporary basis. In 1800, the capital of USA in Washington D.C became ready and the meetings started here.


The plan of the city was given to Pierre and he selected Jenkins Hill for capitol building. Thomas Jefferson stressed to use the world of capitol instead of congress house, which was taken from Latin. In 1792 a competition was held to finalize the design of capital of USA and president house in the time of four month. Ten individuals submitted designs and a prize of $500 and much more in federal city was announced for the winner. The drawings were taken crude as compare to the current architectural skills in the country but a submission by Stephen Hallet was considered. He was a trained architect who belonged to French.

William Thornton submitted a design for capital of USA in January 1793 which was late but the design got great praise and appreciation. It bought simplicity and beauty along with the praise of Jefferson. In April 1793 the design of the Thornton was approved officially. As compensation the commissioners appointed Hallet as the superintendent of the construction. He has to guess cost estimates, and review the design. He accepted the task and made some drastic changes which were costly and difficult to implement. In July 1973, Jefferson called a commission along with Thornton and Hallet together and finally approved a design with some changes.

The original design of capital of USA was changed gradually by some other architects. So the current design of dome, senate and house were modified and designed by Thomas Walter and August. After the design the meetings started to finalize other issues such as material and related issues. Jefferson dismissed Hallet and George Hadfield was appointed on October 1795 who resigned in 1798, after three years of the appointment because he was not satisfied with the Thornton’s plan. In short the senate wing was completed in 1800 and the house wing in 1811. The first session of the US Congress was held in November 1800 and the legislature moved to Washington D.C permanently in the presidential period of John Adam.