USA Enter A Key Week For A Deal To Shun A New Crisis

Can it happen resealing of government? WASHINGTON -. U.S. Congress has from Monday just five days ahead to outline a long-term budget agreement that will avoid a new closure in 2014 of the Federal Government and another battle over the debt. The agreement in Congress that ended...
Posted On 09 Dec 2013
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Obama Warns Congress against Manufactured Catastrophe

He said that Washington must change The U.S. Congress must avoid one crisis after another and instead work to create jobs, said Saturday President Barack Obama in his weekly radio program. “At a time when our economy needs more growth and jobs crises in recent weeks ...
Posted On 25 Oct 2013
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Business in USA

Once you want to start business in USA then it is very exciting activity but first of all you should select that what business is there in which you are interested. What are its requirements? What is the budget required for it? What kinds of licenses and permissions are required?...
Posted On 21 Sep 2013
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