Child Labor in USA

Child labor is a curse in nearly every country of the world. We know that parents want their children to become doctors, engineers or software developers but there are situations in which they cannot continue their studies so they have to work to earn their living. This problem is often in the third world countries but less in developed countries like USA. Child labor in USA is not a dream because it happens in some areas of the country. It is a large country which consists of 50 states so we cannot eliminate child labor from the seen.

According to the census in 1990 nearly 18% of all the children in America are working in different organizations. The Supreme Court banned child labor in 1916 but the law became visible in 1941. The labor department is also not paying attention to the child labor in USA therefore children are still employed in the organizations. The age of the children who are employed is between 15 years to 17 years. They are nearly 3.7 million children who work in different factories. There is an interesting fact that more than 600 children died in work related accidents.


The children should not work but it is not the case. The environments where children work don’t have safety precautions. They are forced to work for long hours and their basic rights are also exfoliated in the countries like USA. The children are given physical punishments; they are kept as sex slaves and disgraced badly so all these problems are found in the areas where children work. It is worth mentioning that a large number of children are employed as worker even they are below 14. Child labor in USA is the issue of many NGO which are working for the rights of the children but they should be active and work with more zeal to stop it.