Classroom Google Announced A New Free Tool For Educators

Posted On 08 May 2014
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Google Education now has the app classroom.

The Google team has announced a new tool within Google Apps for Education: Classroom.

The announcement is just part of a pre-release of an interesting system that can help teachers organize their classes, improving interaction with students and simplifying your work homework assignments.

By combining different services such as Gmail or Google Drive, organized with folders for both teachers and students space is created, showing assignments, performance, additional notes, among others.

Also promises to significantly improve the interaction with the students because they can give you feedback on your work, make annotations, taking into account the needs of each.

One point highlighted in Google’s blog is that Classroom to be part of Google Apps for Education follows the same privacy policy. Currently not available, since its launch is scheduled for September but a proposal to extend those wishing to try this tool.

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