Closing Date Extended For Health Insurance While Obama Signed

Posted On 24 Dec 2013
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Washington - The deadline to register for insurance under the new health law was extended until Tuesday 24 due to the high demand for public web

Julie Bataille, spokesman for the federal agency that oversees the health care reform Obama administration said the grace period is offered to accommodate people in different time zones and deal with potential technical problems in last minute website.

Monday was the deadline for those who had to hire a new insurance policy and want to be covered from 1 January.

The Operates in 36 states. Some other states have also extended registration deadlines slightly.

Obama signed a health plan

U.S. President Barack Obama, was no exception and more as an American to have signed up for medical coverage from January 1 under the new conditions of reform promoted by itself.

Obama, who is vacationing in Hawaii, hired its public health insurance web to meet deadlines of health reform. The president selected an insurance degree bronze

Congressional Republicans have asked the Obama administration to set an example by joining the new insurance policies.

The White House has repeatedly stated that the president was going to register through the new website, but did not specify the date. The president and his family did not need to enroll in the new online health insurance market because they have guaranteed free treatment for life in U.S. military hospitals.

Due to the problems of implementation of health reform initial registration deadline, set for December 15, was extended until day 23 million Americans are exempt even from this time period due to the technical problems that occurred at launch.

Those who demonstrate good faith, who have been unable to purchase health insurance by the continuing problems of recruitment portal insurance between October and early December, will have until March 31.

Likewise, those who have private health insurance that does not meet the requirements of health care reform and are at risk of seeing their policy canceled will not be fined for 2014, if you have not gotten a new insurance contract.

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