Colors And Materials In The Hot Season

Posted On 14 Mar 2014
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It’s another light color season and we will know. The shops hang now full of bright colors, sometimes quite intense in color but mostly white anyway and (sober) pastel. This combined with the spring and summer fabrics, is that the consumer is nice weather made ​​for a wonderful spring and summer.

Early Spring

Every season is different, and so it may happen that the spring starts early. April and May usually really starts to feel like spring, but it can also just happen in March. Skirt is sometimes very early in the season and sometimes a little too early for the retailers.

That would then say that the clothes should switch to spread. Early spring season in the shop on display soon where you can do. Advantage with some winter stuff if it is less fashionable garments, which can serve well in the coming autumn and at a great price.


Although basically anything goes, there are always colors that predominate in a given season and this season the differences taupe shades / nuances.
Furthermore, white is always good, just the white where it is hard as anything more in the racks of clothes to find. Also at the tailors there is more in off-white and taupe tones to be found. The advantage of the tailors is that you can find a beautiful fabric, and then the desired garment you make. The prices are also usually slightly higher than the average clothing store, but it’s not nearly the price that you might think.

The traditional pastels can always where you should look for some shades out. Not all shades suit every skin tone. Sometimes a pastel can also correct dull and reinforce other tones your skin properly. If you do not know what colors suit you, a color analysis can be interesting. Some agencies combine a color analysis immediately with clothing / styling advice.

Would you it’s all a little heavier, and then combine off-white or a light (pastel) color with an intense color and fiery red or cool blue. The combination of black and white can in fact always, it is only slightly less fashionable and less available. If you choose an intense color, am somewhat frugal with jewelry. It can quickly become “too much”. You can also take a heavy plain color, but also the case here that the intense color often speaks for itself and then accessories not even value or downright unnecessary.


There is little diversity in the fabric for spring and summer. But even more than the autumn and winter, the summer dust directly related to the weather. The sun has namely a big impact and you want a little get well through the day, then it is important that you wear fabrics that breathe. Will not you sweat profusely by sealing (synthetic) substances, then you have little choice and most of the substances therefore linen or cotton, and sometimes a variation (e.g. to allow the fabric crease less). But always with a main focus on natural substance.

If you come to other materials, make sure that the fabric skin is not completely shut. Especially with a burning sun, it can be very hot and go heavy sweating. Note here all along when you go from heat to cool (e.g. air conditioning) and vice versa.


Both the summer and winter season goes, it’s always good to start with some basics. From the basic pieces you continue to expand and you can make combinations. In terms of materials it is in the spring and summer just that little bit easier than in winter, because the number of agents is more limited. However, in terms of colors, you can combine a lot more with the right color you can make huge combinations.


Pastels, lots of taupe and off white are the basis and certainly the tape shades give something extra. Combine, but combine it well. A pleasant spring and summer with many new outfits! You can also visit for the traditional dresses with variety of colors.

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