Congress Warns That Climate Change Will Lead To Prostitution

Posted On 30 Mar 2015
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Tag: Barbara Lee stand in Congress against prostitution, Climate change leads to prostitution

Barbara Lee is a standout amongst the most liberal individuals from Congress sounded horrendous cautioning of the results of neglecting to handle environmental change: it will make women prostitutes, she said.

Furthermore, standing up to this situation, she made her associates to vote in favor of a determination perceiving the risk and focusing on the need to make quick moves to battle a dangerous atmospheric devation, as per Blaze.

“Unprotected women with constrained social and financial assets may be helpless against such circumstances as work in the field of sex-service, commercial sex and early marriage, which put them at danger of HIV disease, STDs, impromptu pregnancies and poor conceptive wellbeing” - Lee said.

As indicated by her, the Congress must express consciousness of “different effects of environmental change on women.”

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    This is the dumbest thing …. ridiculous.

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