Crazy Kisses All Around Alicia Machado And Her Boyfriend Alberto Quintero

Posted On 09 Dec 2013
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  • Alicia Machado was partying.
  • The beauty queen celebrated 37 years.
  • And also took the opportunity to officially introduce her new partner.
  • It is the Venezuelan actor and model Alberto Quintero.
  • With him walked the red carpet of her party.
  • Providing for your love!
  • Scarlet Ortiz was celebrating her friend.
  • The Scarlet Machado and provided with all her friends.
  • Alicia organized a grand party at a Miami restaurant.
  • And all the time was Alberto.

  • What loving!
  • A very, very happy couple.
  • Alicia performed “officially” Alberto with his friends and to the press.
  • You can tell each other very much.
  • Alicia was spent smiling throughout the big night.
  • The Venezuelan opening their presents.
  • Alicia also celebrated her birthday debuting a new song, “misunderstood“.
  • Alberto was at her side as she saw that he had bought his friends.
  • Alberto a crush Alicia from several weeks ago.
  • Alicia, dear.

Happy Birthday!

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