Food in USA

The basic food in USA is similar to the western and European countries. Wheat is the basic component while venison, sweet potatoes, squash, turkey, potatoes and corn are also being used by the Americans at large quantities.  The other hot items in the food are beef barbecue; potato chips, chocolate cookies and cakes are similar as they are being used in other countries as well. The foods of immigrant countries are also popular in United States as it is a large country with huge population.


The recipes of dishes like fried chicken, hamburgers, apple pie and pizza are taken from the countries of immigrants. Similarly French fries and Mexican dishes like tacos and burritos along with pasta dishes are adapted from Italian recipes. When we talk about drinks then coffee and tea are very hot among the people. The orange juice and different drinks formed with milk are also liked at larger scale. The sweet soft drinks with high quantity of sugar are taken as a source of energy by most of the Americans. The fast food in USA is very common and you can find it easily in nearly every market. Different forms of sandwiches, pizza dishes and Barbecue are very much liked by the people of America.

The food in USA which is served at homes depends on the region and family’s cultural heritage. There are many cultural foods such as American Chinese and the immigrants eat food which is similar to the country of their origin. Those families who have been living in America for a long period use a combination of their original and American food. As America is a multicultural country having a combination of different types of foods. There is no one to make you compromise on a kind of food because you can find a wide variety of food here in this country.