Religion of USA

The America is considered a secular nation so everyone is free about his or her religion. The matter of state is different from that of religion of USA or church but with the passage of time it was being considered an important thing to implement in life. So Protestant Christianity is considered the primary religion of USA but there are some other popular religions also. The people who have migrated from different countries to United States are free about their religion. There is not a single religion of the whole nation but the American nation consists of people belonging to various religions.


The culture wars are happened due to the difference in religions but in America, there is not religious violence. The people of USA attend religious services often as their peers did. In past the people were not inclined toward the religion but after a study they concluded that they should have some religion to lead their life. So Christianity became the most popular religion of USA. They follow the teachings of Bible and even edited form of Bible is also available in the country.

According to a religious survey, 76.5% population or 159 million people of USA belong to Christians, 13.2% consider them Jewish, 0.5% are Muslims, 0.5% as Buddhist,0.5% as agnostic, 0.4% as atheist, 0.4% as Hindu while 0.3% consider them as Unitarian Universalist.  Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Church of Christ, Latter-Day Saints, Congregational and Presbyterian are the dominators in religion of Christianity.

There are other sources which give different ratios of the people belonging to various religions. Anyhow whatever the ratio of religion is, the presence of religion is there in the people of USA so they have shifted them from secular nation to that of religious nation. There is similarity in the religion of USA and other European countries because the base is nearly same.