USA Language

There is no official language of United States of America but English is the most common USA language. The other languages are imported from the immigrants belonging to other countries or they are the strong influences from the natives. According to a census in 2000 it is recorded that 82.1% people speak English, 10.7% speak Spanish, 3.8% Indo-European, 2.7% Pacific island while 0.7% speak other languages in the United States. When we take a glimpse of USA culture then the most common other languages which have shown strong influence on the society are given below;



A large number of people have migrated from Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries from South & Central American and Caribbean countries to USA. So it is also being spoken as USA language at large scale after English.

Native Hawaiian Language

A large number of immigrants belonging to countries like Korean, Tagalog, Chinese and Vietnamese speak native Hawaiian language as they are spoken in these countries. Therefore these languages are also being spoken in the United States so they can also be called USA languages.


French is also spoken to a certain extent as a USA language. It shows the influence of Acadian Canadian and Louisiana.

Although English is being spoken in United States at large scale but besides it there are more than 300 languages which can claim to be the native speaker languages.  They include nearly 150 living languages and the remaining languages are imported from immigrants. Similarly Cajun and Gullah are spoken by Creoles in Southeast countries. Another language, USA Sign Language is considered native to the United States is also spoken by the deaf in the country.

South, northeastern, midlands and inland are the four main dialects spoken in USA. Midlands is considered the standard accent in United States because it extends to Pacific states and Midwest from Middle Colonies. So it can be called USA language although not taken as an official one.