USA Traditions

A tradition is an established, inherited and customary patter of thought, action or behavior. There are many USA traditions which are being passed from generation to generation. These traditions consist of formal and informal rituals and customs. The trends in American society acquire the form of rituals and traditions. They can belong to any department of life such as religion, medicine, construction, politics and education etc. The traditions of herbal medicine are very strong in North America. There are natural herbs which are considered very useful for men and women.  There are herbs which are used for abdominal, lung, skin and eye problems.


Coffee is another strong USA tradition as they love the aroma and taste of it. It keeps body fluids on level and increases activeness and boos energy and mood. The people of United States are health conscious so they love to take diet which is good for their health. America has strong political and economic traditions as the individual pursuit the good for individual and society. The population of the country also tends to move in large cities instead of smaller cities or villages.

USA traditions of free marketing in America are also very interesting and strong.  There are individuals who don’t give any importance or political development of other countries. The film, TVs and talk shows are needed to remake to launch in USA because the behavior of American is different from that of others. Similarly the people of USA don’t travel too much as they have great chances to enjoy weather and nature in their own country.

In politics the new members of the senate remained silent during the speeches in past but now a special attention is given to the speech of the new member. The edited version of Bible is given to the new members of the Congress which is one of the strongest USA traditions. The tradition of starting each day with the prayer of Chaplain is also there in the culture of America. There are different traditions for the senator who departs from the senate; the flag of USA is flown at half staff when a senator dies in the office. It is also a USA tradition to read the last address of the President George Washington’s Farewell Address.