Cunningham US Actions In Yemen: The Policy Lead By The Laws Of The Jungle

Posted On 28 Mar 2015
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The United States supports the international coalition, which includes Sudan, the US State Department announced the state - sponsor of terrorism, indicating that the duality of Washington’s policy, says the American journalist Finnian Cunningham.

“The actions of the American Coalition for air strikes in foreign countries took another turn giddy,” - says Cunningham, commenting on international military operations in Yemen.

According to him, the world is seen as the combined forces of the United States in conjunction with the despotic Saudi Arabia bombed network “Al-Qaeda” in Iraq and Syria, although in the recent past, these same networks have been funded and trained by Washington and its Saudi clients.

Now, he adds, amid air strikes on Yemen we see how Washington openly allying with the declared they sponsor terrorism.

The journalist believes that the Western media are trying to mitigate this awkward fact, indicating the list of coalition the Republic of Sudan and the Sudan simply, thereby possibly trying to mislead readers who may confuse it with South Sudan.

“This is a two-faced policy of Washington, which is trying to hide their dubious relationship with the same terrorist groups, ranging from Afghanistan of the 1980s and ending with the recent covert war in Syria and Libya,” - says Cunningham.

“The real sign that America is sinking into madness, is the fact that the US government openly supported by bombing a country that is officially a sponsor of terrorism. The duality reigns supreme,” - said the journalist.

In his opinion, the actions of the United States and Saudi Arabia in Yemen are a clear manifestation of the fact that international relations are now being held under the laws of the jungle.

In Yemen hosts international military operation, which involves a number of countries in the region. The operation began immediately after the statement of the Cooperation Council for the Gulf States, which noted that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, “intend to respond to the request of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and protect the legitimate authority in Yemen by militants Huthis.” Military operations have officially joined Egypt, Jordan and Sudan. US coalition have logistical and intelligence support.

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