Sofia Vergara Would Like To Have Breast Implants!

Sofia Vergara beforehand expressed that she wished she had ‘fake boobs.’ And on Thursday, the Colombian magnificence admitted that plastic surgery on her bosoms may be not long from now. The 42-year-old Modern Family star - who uncovered her 32F bra size - showed up on Bravo’s Watch...
Posted On 13 May 2015
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Jennifer Lopez Might Be Planning Her Wedding To Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez and Casper allegedly made publicly believe they had done to help promote their films, but be together again. The fourth time lucky, or so it should think Jennifer Lopez, which would already be preparing her link with Casper Smart, who is believed to have reconciled after putting an end to their...
Posted On 30 Apr 2015
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Mariah Carey Taught The ‘Bra’ In Las Vegas

Mariah Carey needs Las Vegas to know there’s another young lady around the local area. The pop symbol landed at Caesars Palace Monday night in an excellent pink convertible behind 18 portable boards bearing the titles of her number one hits. The fabulous passageway is to praise her Las Vegas Strip make a big...
Posted On 29 Apr 2015
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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Curves New 2015 Photos

Kim Kardashian walked out Thursday morning in New York looking staggering as she uncovered her cleavage in a diving dark dress. The truth star, 34, had clearly done a snappy fix - in light of the fact that just before rising up out of her NYC flat, she’d admitted on social networking she’d nodded...
Posted On 26 Apr 2015
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Orange “Toyota” Paul Walker Of “Fast And The Furious” Put Up For Auction

On the off chance that you’ve needed to claim an arrangement of wheels like Dom, Brian and the posse, now is your possibility. The orange 1993 Toyota Supra that was utilized as a trick auto as a part of key scenes in the first The Fast and the Furious film is hitting the bartering square. The vehicle is...
Posted On 22 Apr 2015
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Kim Kardashian Is Debuting Luxury Car

Kim Kardashian changes autos more than she transforms her shoes. In any case, even her planner heels are no match for her costly taste in wheels. On Saturday, the 34-year-old big name was seen heading home in a shiny new model vehicle which cost her around a large portion of a million dollars. The new engine is a...
Posted On 21 Apr 2015
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Selena Gomez Gave Us Her Sexy Pose In Her Instagram

She is as of now getting a charge out of a merry daylight soften up Mexico and Selena Gomez was more than cheerful to showcase her shoreline prepared body on Thursday evening. The 22-year-old demonstrated she is assuredly all adult as she displayed her figure in a provocative bathing suit while spending a day on...
Posted On 18 Apr 2015
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Kim Kardashian Runs The Gym In Paris With See-Through Leggings

She cherishes to work out first thing in the morning and has a closet devoted to her wellness clothing - yet Kim Kardashian endured a closet tactless act after Tuesday’s exercise center session. The 34-year-old looked shocking as she flaunted her bends in trimmed dark tights and a cleavage-improving...
Posted On 18 Apr 2015
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Kim And Khloe Kardashian Conquer Armenia

The Kardashian clan is already in Armenia. Khloe and Kim Kardashian were happy with their visit. The Kardashian sisters enjoyed their first holiday in the place of their ancestors. And they posed happily in front of the monastery of Geghard. Her visit, of course, is being documented for show. They have shared in...
Posted On 11 Apr 2015
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