Facebook Adds 2 Million Active Advertisers

Posted On 25 Feb 2015
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Facebook said Tuesday having more than two million active advertisers of products or services, they are creating added value to their communities.

Thus, the network is no longer used just for sharing photos with friends and talk about the day, but as a work platform that entrepreneurs have taken advantage to be released to customers worldwide.

In its official blog, its founder Mark Zuckerberg said that “we created Facebook to connect everyone, and an essential part is to connect people with businesses that interest them.”

He also thanked the advertisers help create a more open and connected world, as well as the added value that are creating these companies in different communities.

As an example he cited the case of Courtney, a mother from North Carolina who created The Produce Box, a company that serves fresh food markets and now producing over 40 farmers in the state.

Also that of Shubhra and Vivek, a marriage of Indian entrepreneurs who sold his house to raise funds and to launch Chumbak and Accessories Company today employs more than 150 people.

He also referred to the case of Thiago, a Brazilian Amazon who turned his passion for making chocolate, chain stores Brigadore Brigadeiros Gourmet, a national brand.

“Like these, there are two other stimulants million stories of people working to grow their companies are creating jobs, sharing new ideas and making us dare to think big,” said the young entrepreneur.

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