Facebook Released According To Reminisce

Facebook continues to expand its tools.

Facebook introduced “Today”, a new way of seeing everything that has been shared and publications that have been labeled. Only the user can see the page “This day”.

Those responsible explain that “our users like to see old photographs and memories they have shared on Facebook, and many of them have told us they like the products and features that put it easier.”

Today” show contents of the current date in previous years. For example, you might want to see status updates, publications friends, and other old things you’ve shared or in which you labeled a year, two years, etc.

To view the “Today” you can click on the marker on the left side of the news section, search for “Today” or visit facebook.com/on this day

You can also see a story from the news section. Once on the page, you can subscribe to notifications to receive alerts when you have memories to remember.

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