Facebook Users May Designate Heirs Profile

Facebook has created more options to decide what happens to the account of a user after he dies.

The world’s largest social network said Thursday that allow users to choose someone who can manage your account after they die. Previously, the accounts were “the memory” after the death or blocked so that no one else could enter.

This policy will begin operations in the US and Facebook says its users can choose an “heir” link to make postings on its website after his death, respond to friend requests and update their profile picture. Users can also request that your account be deleted, says The Associated Press.

Facebook is a place to share and connect with friends and family. For many of us it is also a place to remember and honor those we lost,” a blog on Facebook, announcing the new feature.

“Talking to people who have experienced a loss, we believe we can do more to support those who are grieving and those who want to decide what happens to your account after his death,” meanwhile quoted Agence France Presse.

Members who choose to use this update, the “contact heir” can write a post to announce the wake or share a special message.

The account administrator may also update the profile and photo of the user, and accept new friend requests from friends and relatives who were not connected to Facebook.

By authorizing an “heir” Facebook member also consents to download the photos, tickets and information of the shared profile in the social network.

“The other settings remain the same as they were in before,” explains the blog article.

“Contact heir cannot log in to the person who died or check your private messages” he adds.

The announcement comes amid concerns about the fate of the “digital assets” of a person after his death. Legal experts say the property cloud storage accounts, emails and music files and online books remains subject to interpretation.

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