Facts about USA

USA is known as one of the largest countries in the world on the base of area and population. The history of USA is not long like the histories of other nations in the world. USA is the largest economy of the world having diverse population. Here is a list of some important facts about USA:

  1. USA consists of 50 states which vary in size. Rhode Island is the smallest state with 1545 sq miles. Alaska is the largest state with an area of 6640 sq miles.
  2. The longest coast in USA is that of Alaska that is 10686 km long. It is one of the important facts about USA.
  3. It is believed that the oldest pine trees, Bristlecone are found in California, Nevada, Arizone, New Mexico and Utah. It is the western part of USA which has these old trees.
  4. The royal palace used by monarch is also in Honolulu, Hawaii. It belonged to the King Kalakaua and and Queen Lili’uokalani after which the monarchy was ended in 1893. The building was being used as a capital until Hawaii established as a state in 1959. In these days Iolani is a museum.
  5. There are mountain ranges in the north south direction of USA and they have strong effect on the overall climate of the country. The climate of the west coast is milder as compare to the interior. The places of Nevada and Arizona are very hot as they are on the leeward side of the mountains.
  6. One of the interesting facts about USA is that there is no official language of USA but English is the most common language. It is used in government offices as well.


  7. Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world which is located in Hawaii. Its height is 4205 meter but it is 10000 meters when measure from the floor of the sea. So in this way it becomes taller than Mount Everest which is the tallest mountain in the world.
  8. One of the important facts about USA is that the lowest temperature ever recorded in US is -800F. It was recorded in Alaska on 23 January 1971. The lowest temperature in contiguous 48 states is -700F which is another fact about USA.
  9. In July 1913, highest temperature was recorded in California which was 1340F. United States is a country where you can observe high temperature in some states and low in others.
  10. Crater Lake located in Oregon, is the deepest lake in United States. It is the world’s 7th deepest lake which is 589 m deep.
  11. Talking about the facts about USA, Rose is the national flower and Bald Eagle is the national bird of USA.

There is no religion of America but now most of the people are related to Christianity. In past the county was taken as a secular nation but studies show that people are inclined toward religion. Now there are people who belong to various religions but Christianity is the most popular of them.