Find Your Mystical Number To Make Your Money Grow

Posted On 26 Apr 2014
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  • Do you need money? Using knowledge of ancient numerological and mystical wisdom to attract prosperity into your life? Is it possible with the application of a single number and a U.S. dollar bill can leverage our resources? Although everyone knows that riches are forged based on our initiative, our ingenuity, work, discipline and perseverance, we also know that from time immemorial many sages, alchemists and mystics have used numbers and other items to attract fortune their lives and strengthen those above qualities.

  • The idea is to create an ideal magnetic or energy field that not only inspire you with creative ideas but do much more.
  • Some did an unscrupulous way, and ended badly, others on the contrary, were able to harness this energy and created great fortunes today still generate turn more wealth.
  • One such case is the so-called “Founding Fathers” of the United States, most of whom were Freemasons and used secret symbols of the lodges, inherited from ancient Egypt; to place them in the currency for centuries has remained strongest in the world: the U.S. dollar.
  • One secret is that has to do with your mystical number of the abundance you know right away. It is the key number to attract prosperity, which joined the Lucky numbers that appear every day in your daily horoscope; you will pointer for starting to conquer your economic destiny.
  • Knowing that number and apply it intelligently will help you achieve the change of position that many expect in their economic life.
  • Remember to always qualify it with a negative attitude; ever you say I am poor and have no money! Always repeat now do not have the money I need, but I will!
  • If you were born one day 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any month
    Your prosperity mystic number is 1

    The first day of each month going to affect energy of the dollar. You place the night before the first dollar bill under a glass of water should be covering the pyramid. What situation in a high place, if that night coincide with a full moon, or the moon in your sign even better, and if it also coincides with your birthday day great!

  • On the 1st of each month, let the glass all day above the figure of the pyramid of the dollar. You sit still or quiet five, with your eyes closed, minutes at a time of peace in your home and you breathe through the nose driving through the mouth. In those moments immediately receive a number that you will note, and you’ll join your lucky numbers for that day to tempt fate. Odds of winning money in a contest, lottery, raffle or similar activity are very high.
  • Dollar is full of mysticism, hidden signs and language that can be understood only when its meaning is unclear. Take a ticket in your hands and see how many mystical elements contains: 13 steps of the pyramid with the eye that sees all over the symbolism of 13, in the corners, diagrams, drawings esoteric, arcane and the only trace of ancient kings and pharaohs. Let’s use it to attract prosperity to our lives in the same way that has attracted the U.S.!
  • If you were born a 2 day, 11, 20 or 29 of any month
    your prosperity mystic number is 2

    you’ll apply the power of 2 by the following: each month, day 2 is a dual day should do the same as stated for number one, but with the following variation. You must do as a couple, and if you are single with another person, a friend, family member friend!

  • Two is duality and works in par. So to be effective it must feel to be two people to meditate and two vessels instead of one placed below the dollar, following the directions above for number one. Remember, the secret here is that you cannot do it by yourself or with one other person and then share between what they receive.
  • If you were born a 3 day, 12, 21 or 30 of any month
    Your prosperity mystic number is 3

    To use this mystical energy will use the triangle, which represents 3, but should be an equilateral triangle, i.e. which has its three sides equal. It is a basic number of sacred geometry for perfection which involves the ratio of base to height. The Greeks used it in many ways.

  • If you were born a 3 day, 12, 21 or 30 of any month
    Your prosperity mystic number is 3

    You’re going to take advantage of drawing on a white paper perfect triangle. Then in the middle write the number 3, which is the vibration of your birth date. That day, at 3 pm, you will have an inspired sense of knowing, meeting, or similar situation may change the economic destiny that takes your life now.

  • If you were born a 4 day, 13, 22 or 31 of any month
    your prosperity mystic number is 4

    4 is considered as the base number of the pyramid and is therefore representing the strength. How to use it to attract prosperity and wealth into your life? Take time to go to any place that sells small pyramids, or order them online. Must be a pyramid-jade green color, aventurine, but can also be blue or white. The important thing is not artificial but a natural mineral.

  • This pyramid will be that will place the night before, or the day 3 top of the pyramid of the dollar and the dollar will keep covering up the pyramid until the 13th which coincides with the 13 steps of the pyramid. That day the guards retire and wrapped in a clean white cloth to remove it again on 22 and keep it until the end of the month. Thus repeating the cycle every month, its energy creates a positive aura in your home that gets very good vibes.
  • If you were born a 5 day, 14 or 23 of any month
    your prosperity mystic number is 5

    those who have this mystical number will await the arrival of the 5th of each month. That day will take the dollar bill in your hands and bend five times. When folded must ensure that the pyramid is visible with the eye.

  • Once folded, which I do on Day 5, will place it under your pillow that night and effect a short meditation before bedtime. Have next to your bed a notebook and a pen or pencil to write down everything that you will receive in significant telepathic dreams that will tell you what to do the next day, and either go to a site for a job interview, start a project or attend a place where there are legitimate games and tempt fate.
  • If you were born a 6 day, 15 or 24 of any month
    your prosperity mystic number is 6

    6 as the number of love par excellence emanating projection is harmonic. How are you going to use it to attract the abundance you will do the following: expect-moon has on your daily horoscope permanently marked. From that day moon accounts six days. Say, if the full moon happens on May 14 count off six days later, and on the 20th exactly, will use the alchemical element of water as follows.

  • You plunge the dollar bill six times in a glass of water that has been placed in the light of the full moon, six days before and have booked in a high place. Then let it dry and the water will pour on a plant you’ve purchased or have in your garden or in a container or pot. Water is poured on the ground, not thrown into the toilet, that’s very important.
  • If you were born a 7 day, 16 or 25 of any month
    your prosperity mystic number is 7

    The 7 is considered one of the most mystical and attractiveness numbers. It has to do with everything in your life, at home, in the family. In this case expect me to arrive on the 7th of each month. That day, early, good cleanse your home with a thorough cleaning. If you are working and you cannot do is leave everything at least tidy, do not leave anything when you get disorganized and clean everything, especially the bathroom.

  • Do not go uncovered never leave the toilet bowl! When you go to download it should be covered.
  • Then take the dollar bill and you will place it in a small wooden box that you may have gotten too big and write the number 7. Leave it there until you reach the 25th, get it out and repeat the above process. This energy tends to activate renewal energy in your home.
  • If you were born one day 8, 17 or 26 of any month
    your prosperity mystic number is 8

    the quintessential 8 is the number of money, material goods, from the concrete. Everything in life is yin and yang, contains balance and when we propulsion in either then pay the consequences. In this case you should protect against excessive ambition or greed of those who will say “money is everything” because such people will do anything for money and are very dangerous.

  • What you’re looking for is prosperity, economic tranquility for you and your family. You will use the power of 8 this way: you will take a dollar bill, put it in an envelope and send it to a person you do not know, you will have found the address in the Phone Book.
  • Inside you’ll write. “This is a gift for cosmic abundance, and for thy riches,” I send it to another person with the same message. This creates a positive energy chain increases your funds as more people are doing and the increases of all they do.
  • If you were born one day 9, 18 or 27 of any month
    your prosperity mystic number is 9

    what to do with this number? As the number of completion indicating the closing of the cycle, you will use as used by the alchemists of antiquity. You’ll get a glass, clean, new, glass, which has not been used by anyone, not even by you.

  • It will be filled with tap water - no cold water in the fridge but water is running - if your house is near a river or spring, even better.
  • Then do a roll with the dollar bill and you will place inside that glass of water. You plugged in a white paper where you wrote the number 9 with a dot underneath so it is not confused with the 6. I adjust with a rubber band and put it down in a deep vessel for putting water seeping through the paper. I leave it there all day 9 of each month.
  • Secrets are many more but these are affordable to all and therefore have ceased to be arcane and mysterious; its symbolism goes far beyond what appear at first sight.
  • Its purpose is to create a positive aura in your home at all times to attract good vibrations, and above all, to inspire you for ideas to help you create wealth and attract prosperity into your life.
  • Put them into practice and share your experience with all your friends! You have nothing to lose … and everything to gain!
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