Flag of USA

United States of America consists of fifty stars, 13 horizontal stripes of red, white and blue colors. National flag of USA was adopted on 14 June, 1777 which contains 13 stars only but in July 4, 1960 current version is in use.  Fifty stars on American flag represent 50 states of the country while the thirteen horizontal stripes represent 13 British colonies.

American flag symbolizes US nation but mostly it is being used for military services. It is flown on public and government buildings along with embassies, ships and private residences etc. It is also flown on special occasion like Independence Day on 4 July. It is one of the most recognized symbols of the country. The stars are added in the basic design of the flag of USA.

The specification of the flag gives following values:

  • Flag width at Hoist Position:                        =             1.0
  • Flag length in Flying Position:                      =             1.9
  • Union Width at Hoist Position:                   =             0.5385
  • Union Length in Flying Position:                 =             0.76
  • Union Width 1/10th                                        =             0.0538
  • Union Length 1/12th                                        =             0.0633
  • Star Diameter                                                    =             0.0616
  • Stripe Width                                                       =             0.0769

These are the specifications which are being used in making the flag of USA.  Most of the flags of USA are formed without proper proportion of different dimensions. Exact red, white and blue colors are being used in the formation of American flag. These colors are used to print the flag so it needs to convert them to CMYK or RGB for printing purposes.


The official colors are used to form the flag so these colors are required officially especially for the government purposes.  The other colors are used for mass market, production of flags or reproduction of flags. The cloth can also be produced officially or it can be used by purchasing from the market. A large number of designs were submitted to the President Dwight D Eisenhower. There were different flag versions of USA containing 49 or 50 stars. Three designs were similar out of these submitted designs and all were containing 50 stars.

A child of 17 years old, Robert G. Heft also produced a design which received publicity and appreciation. Hefts’ design of USA flag was accepted and flown in 1960 having 49 and 50 stars. The flag can be decorated without being deface it. The flag of USA can be flown at public or governmental building throughout the year. The use of flag becomes more common on Veterans Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day and on President’s Day. On the Memorial Day small flags are flown and the flag is flown to half staff in order to memorize to those who lost their lives in the wars.

The flag of USA can be used or displayed without any restriction but there are some codes or guidelines to use it that must be followed. USA flag should not be dipped before earthly king, in 1908 Olympic Games, when it is said to dip their flags before King Edward so American flag bearer refused to do so by saying that it “this flag dips to no earthly king”.