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Posted On 04 Jan 2015
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Services of Chinese censorship blocked access to electronic messaging Google, Gmail, experts announced this Monday in what seems more a stage in Beijing will establish their own “sovereignty” over the internet.

Obstacles to connect to Gmail in China are not new, nor are tensions between the US giant Google and Beijing, but these latest measures involve complete blockage in China the first courier in the world.

Latest Gmail access roads were closed in recent days, and traffic connections between China and service of Google brutally fell on Friday, according to data released by the “Google’s Transparency Report”.

The lock is part of an “increasingly aggressive attitude [Beijing] for what it calls its sovereignty over the internet,” said Jeremy Goldkorn expert internet in China.

“These past two years, we have seen a steady increase in all forms of Internet censorship” in China, said the editor of the news website, which was also blocked by the authorities.

In 2014, Google services were hampered in the near future the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, the June 4, 1989.

Beijing re-tightens the nuts of censorship against the protests of the people of Hong Kong, who demanded to choose their governor in 2017 by free universal suffrage impositions.

In Washington, the State Department avoided directly accusing Beijing of blocking courier, but a spokesman, Jeffrey Rathke, expressed “concern” for the United States to “China’s efforts to undermine freedom of expression, particularly in internet “.

“We encourage China to be transparent in their dealings with multinationals” and Google, said Rathke.

Many Chinese users expressed anger Monday, demanding an end to censorship in Gmail.

“The reasons for the blocking of Gmail are the internal political problems. This shows how the current political context is bleak,” said one of them.

Many netizens and journalists were arrested this year and some of the most influential voices reviews on social networks should make humiliating “self-criticism” on television.

Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are blocked in the country, as well as numerous news sites.

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