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Posted On 02 Apr 2014
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Google takes new measures to attract more users.

In the field of statistics, Facebook wins by a lot of other social networks. Hence Twitter is testing a feature for iOS that measures how many times it has been seen a tweet, and now also Google+ also want to include the number of views their profiles and pages.

This was made known through his profile on the social network Eddie Kessler, Team Google, who has stated that from today, all pages and sections of the social network of the Internet giant will show how many times they have been viewed. The choice, however, may be disabled by the administrator of each profile.

The data to be displayed will be the total of all visits that have registered all content posted by each user profile on Google+, i.e., the sum of the skyline views, photos and posts, and no detailed data for each publication day, as it does in the pages of Facebook, where also there to promote alternative payment company profiles.

This update could be at least part of the push lacks Google+ to consolidate the activities of its users. Despite having a huge audience (thanks to all users imported automatically from email accounts that are created in Gmail), and to be a platform that is beneficial to share content, as the search engine better positioned to have the results in your social network profile, Google+ has not taken off.

Known, until very recently, as “social media ghost town” by the low activity of their users, it is estimated, according to a study by the UC3M, that only 16% of the public platform makes public updates on your profile. The conclusion reached Angel and Ruben Cuevas and Roberto González, those responsible for this Madrid university study, is that the social network of Google coexist two almost contradictory characteristics: great power to attract users and a limited ability to make these active.

Measures like this are intended to convince end to maintain an increasing pace of updates that increase their visits, which can now see “live” and, especially, interested professionals and corporate profiles.

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