Google Working On A New Mobile Phone Service

Posted On 29 Jan 2015
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Google is working on a new telephone service that will shake the industry’s wireless business, increasing pressure on companies already tucked into a price war.

This new service from Google search for the best connection to cellular networks within Sprint, T-Mobile and WiFi, choosing which of the best possible signal for calls, texts and data.

This service could come in the first half of this year and probably will be offered throughout the US.

Google executives had already hinted that they were interested in using WiFi and telephone networks together to create a better service.

The company has long been trying to convince the Federal Communications Commission to release more “hot spots” of WiFi throughout the country.

Over 90% of all US mobile traffic used WiFi networks during 2013, according Cusco System. Yet charges of wireless services do not reflect that.

For suppliers like Verizon and AT & T have created their plans in recent years to overcharge consumers for the use of data in the cell.

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