Governor Brown Ordered Mandatory Restrictions On Water Consumption In California

Posted On 02 Apr 2015
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Jerry Brown, Governor of California.

“It’s a different world! We have to act differently,” said Jerry Brown, Governor of California, to announce the first of water mandatory restrictions for the State, in the middle of a harsh drought on Wednesday.

“Today we stand on a dry lawn where there should be a meter and a half of snow,” said the politician in a press conference in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

“This historic drought forced to take unprecedented measures. Why I issued an executive order forcing to significantly reduce the use of water in the State”, he added.

The Government of California wants to reduce the expense of water by 25% in the remainder of the year.

For this purpose it will force cemeteries, golf courses, University campuses and other facilities with large areas of grass to cut water use.

It is also prohibited to new housing to irrigate gardens with potable water, unless they have an irrigation system by efficient drip.

On the other hand, the Government provides for local agencies that manage the water supply to regulate their prices to encourage users to not to waste this good.

NASA said in December that California needs more than 41,000 million litres of water to recover from drought suffering from four years ago, the most serious ever recorded and that it has stopped the underground levels very low.

Heavy rains falls during the boreal winter did not serve to improve standards, as then predicted meteorologists.

“As Californians, we have to join efforts and save water in any way possible,” said Brown.

The Democratic Governor signed on March 27 an emergency law to accelerate the availability of financial resources that help to mitigate the effects of drought and to begin the implementation of hydraulic infrastructure projects.

According to a study published Friday by the journal of the American Union of Geophysics points out that chronic drought affecting California from 2012 is the worst in the last 1,200 years.

This study highlights that never in the last thousand years there had been a period of little more than three years as high temperatures and little rain.

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