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Posted On 15 Mar 2015
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Trasmitele taste for mathematics your child with activities of daily living.

By Miriam Myers

Math homework your child brings home may look different than remember when you were a student. How can you help your child if you do not understand the procedure? And if so, how you can guide your child with homework without just give the answer?

Here are some tips to guide your child with homework:

- Reread the directions with your child and see what they do not understand about the task.

- Tell your child to find a partner who you can call when you need help on how to do math homework or when you need to review the lesson.

- Ask your child how or where he should begin create.

- Ask if you think you can find information in your notes to help you solve the problem.

- Ask if there is a similar problem in your textbook or one that has been resolved in class.

- Suggest drawing a pattern or figure to explain what you’re thinking.

- Ask questions go as solving the problem, such as “What should you do next?” “Can this respect?” “Did you answer the question?” “Can you solve it otherwise?”

- If you have trouble understanding the material or are falling behind by the amount of homework assigned, talk to your teacher and ask for ideas on how to help.

- Suggest seek help for homework on the internet. offers help with math for parents and students in both English and Spanish.

- Remember resist homework for your child. The greatest impact on your child’s attitude toward math is the attitude of parents towards mathematics.

- Show that you are interested in mathematics and talk about the many ways in which mathematics involved in daily life.

- Help your child we understand that every parent is a mathematician.

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