How Can You Calculate Concrete Structures?

Posted On 08 Feb 2014
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Concrete is a relatively strong material with which high strength and stiffness can be achieved. The material is simple high pressure loads on, however, can be very limited tensile forces record. Because rebar works extremely well with the material can be achieved. Both pressure and pull good capacity what to look for and how you can get a manual and other useful determination?

Calculation of the main reinforcement

Once the load on the beam is known in conjunction with the over voltage than the dimensions of the concrete beam can be determined. The total resulting in a decisive moment which should be included. Concrete by pressure and tensile rebar through the internal lever arm how is this determined and how leverage is taking into account the coverage? In what way so the tax translates to a reinforcement amount and how much security or UC gets the cross mean? Additionally, you can also use the GTB tables for the determination of the main reinforcement. How are the GTB tables derived and how do you apply it to?

Transfer increasing lateral forces

The beam is subjected to a continuous load expressed in kN / m As one gets closer to the points of support comes accumulates weight putting an increasing shear occurs. However, the concrete section has a limited capacity to transfer to the next meter concrete. Strains In order to prevent that the concrete is broken in the transverse direction should be sufficiently shear reinforcement to be used. How do you calculate shear reinforcement of a beam from? However, there is pile of wrongdoing or an a-centric load the bar can go wrong. How to interpret the combination of shear and torsion for additional reinforcement?


Beams which are taxed work and bending. Often the beam is designed based on a necessary amount of reinforcement (based computing time), however, it is often forgotten that the beam also passes through bending. Concrete is a rigid material, however, there will always be a degree of deflection occur. How can you manually change the deflection of a beam, and how do you calculate the Mk diagram thereby far?

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