How Do You Know You’re Gay? Am I Gay Or Not?

Posted On 13 Dec 2013
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There is no scientific test to determine whether you are heterosexual or homosexual. The only way to find out how you put together is obviously through experience and by examining your own sexual, physical and emotional feelings towards other boys or men far. But how can you ever find out whether you’re gay or not gay and means by definition that you immediately thus should choose a totally different lifestyle?

What exactly is homosexuality?

Someone who is homosexual is attracted to other men or boys. This can be emotional, where you suddenly very much in love with a man. This can also be physically or sexually, where you have fantasies about sex with men and who also prefer to put into practice. It may also be that there is a split: You love women and there love and amorous feelings also feel physically attracted to men, but for you.

In that respect, it is so hard to really scientifically determine exactly what homosexuality is. Homosexuality occurs in one in ten men but not less than half of men have ever had feelings for another man or boy. Probably there are also a lot of boys and men bisexual, and often even without it in the life to be conscious at first, or even later.

Some guys already knew as a little boy that they found their boyfriends much more fun than the girls where some other guys seemed to have such an interest. Others come back only when they are at the age of forty are terribly in love with a man while they are married with a wife and have children. They love dearly. You can, when it comes to homosexuality, so be surprised by yourself nice.

How do I know if I’m gay or not? I might be bisexual?

Probably you go looking for information, because you have noticed that you have feelings for boys or men. It is important that you take the time to determine what those feelings mean without you immediately feel the need to be as soon as possible to stick a label. Yourself Take time to think and to do with boys or men. Possibly experience Realize that you are a human being first, and if your boys or girls, men or women or both like not alter who you are as a person.

Ask yourself if you have more sexual feelings for men or that you sometimes have sexual fantasies about boys. Have you ever been in love with a good friend? Can you imagine that you could do with a man or boy? Instead of a girl or woman an intimate relationship with everything that goes with it, Stereotypical thinking Beware: Gay is more than men, almost naked showing their sexuality to the public during the gay parade. Homosexuality is more complicated than that, and how it is experienced varies from person to person.

It may well be that you can have. Both men and women’s feelings and those feelings may also differ. And that’s probably the hardest: What do you want with your life and how can you live like that you are honest to the people around you and still give yourself to dare to be yourself the chance.

Homosexuality does not mean you automatically have to choose a lifestyle of partying, dark rooms or travesty. There are many men who have homosexual feelings, but absolutely do not feel the need to live that way. Many boys and men choose possibly for a relationship with a man who does not differ so much from the relationship with a woman that you would have otherwise.

Remember that you are a human being first and that your sexual orientation is part of you, but how you experience shall also close to who you are as a person.

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