Human Rights in USA

Human rights are very well protected by the law of the United States of America.  It is clearly mentioned in the constitution of America that the human rights should be honored.  In 1775 first organization for the Human rights in USA was established. A year later the United States of America got independence and the work on human rights increased to a great level. A human being has full rights in order to lead his or her life, to get education, the freedom of liberty and search of happiness are also the rights of human beings.

It is clear that basic Human rights in USA are not protected by divine powers but we ourselves have to work. The men are same without any discrimination of age, sex, race or other characteristics. The rights of each individual are given much importance in USA because every one is free and owner of his or her own will. The rights of a person vary from age to age as the rights of a child are different from hat of man and similarly the rights of a married woman are different from that of a virgin.


It is common that when the society becomes educated and learns more and more knowledge then they try to lead life according to the rules and regulations. They care about the self respect of others and if there is any violation then he or she can raise his or her voice against it. The children are given much importance and their rights are also looked after. The married men and women have their own position in the society so they are also given protection according to the constitution of the country. Human rights in USA are considered ideal for other countries of the world.