IBM Signed Multimillion-Dollar Deal With Dutch Bank ABN Amro

IBM signed a multimillion dollar 10-year agreement to provide IT infrastructure services to Dutch bank ABN Amro and operate their systems to cloud computing, the technology company said Monday.

The deal comes at a time when IBM tries to gain momentum in the market for IT services over the Internet, known as cloud computing.

IBM will provide fully managed services for computer systems, servers, storage and computing for end users and service assistance and other support.

Last month, IBM won an outsourcing contract Lufthansa valued at 1,000 million euros (1,250 million), with which the US Company will take the division and personnel infrastructure services information technology (IT) German airline.

In the recent publication of its quarterly results, IBM reported a marked slowdown in business in September and left its target of operating profit in 2015.

IBM failed to keep pace with a shift to cloud computing services to its established business sales consulting and software that customers operating in internal computer systems.

Last month, the bank announced it would cut jobs in its branch network and invest in improving services online banking at a time when customers are increasingly managing their finances online.

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