Imports of USA

The imports and exports are common for any country and according to August 2012 the Imports of USA is 225 billion. The average of imports from 1992 to 2012 is 132194.77 million USD which reach high at 236514 in March 2012 and 52277 million USD which is the minimum in 1992. Imports of USA come at second largest number in the world so we can say it the second big importer in the world. The main products which are being imported are non auto goods, machinery, fuels and industrial supplies, food, motor vehicles and their parts and beverages. The major partners of imports are China, Japan, European Union and Mexico.

Things are going to be changed with the passage of time. The Imports of USA have been increased than exports of the country. The China and India are the largest populations in the world and they are making development quickly. Now the US is not the biggest economy of the world as it was in the past. The Americans have found a way to outsource textile or other projects of manufacturing to China and other Asian countries.


There are companies which are involved in the import and export business to make their profits. As most of the businessmen outsource their project to china or India so the jobs of people working here in such countries are safe. On the other hand if you have shipping company or working in it then your business is going to boom in future. USA is importing intellectual people from all over the world so the strategies and policies which these intellectual people form are very well practiced. The immigrants have also brought latest knowledge and trends in the technology so they are also a great source to import various items from other countries to USA.