Introduces Foursquare “Swarm” To Challenge The New App As The Mayor

Posted On 19 May 2014
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In Swarm you can fight for the mayorship of a place only with friends.

Foursquare announced the launch of a new application called “Swarm“, which will handle check-ins and mayorships, in which competitors will be our own friends.

Swarm” is now available for download from the iOS and Android systems.

With this app we can review it which of our friends are near us, locating in what places they are, it will be possible to send a message to contact them and clear like Foursquare, we can share the location and perform check-in.

One of the new features is the “mayorships” or mayors, be completed only among our group of friends and not all users of the app, so that each site can have many mayors.

Foursquare still work, but now it comes up as a guide to know and explore places that are close to us.

Swarm” will be available in the coming months also for Windows Phone.

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