Island sold $ 2.5 million in Puerto Rico

Posted On 08 Apr 2015
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Cayo Ratones, an islet South of Puerto Rico with a size of 25 acres (10 hectares) and where there is only a wooden house with a pool that works entirely with solar energy, has been put up for sale by his owner for 2.5 million dollars.

The company’s real estate Puerto Rico Sotheby’s International Realty is responsible to arrange the sale of the residence and according to Efe said its Chairperson, Margaret worth Juvelier, “people from various parts of the world” already interested by it.

The island is located to the South of Puerto Rico and according to Pena is just six minutes by boat from the municipality of Salinas.

“We are pleased to introduce you to the world that there are things so here; it is fantastic. We must recognize that we have beauty in Puerto Rico“, she stressed on the island in question.

On the identity of the owner, the head of Sotheby’s refused to provide any details and only said that she had decided to sell it “because so often use” as you would like.

“This island is unique and very special. It’s a paradise, “stressed businesswoman, who argued that the price is much lower than the of other islands that sold also in the Caribbean, as is the case with Bahamas, which tend to be more expensive.

She indicated that for any person who “are looking for privacy”, Cayo mice “is the more economical” at the time of having a private island at that price.

She also said that the owner of the property decided to make the House to make it work with solar energy in order to “respect the environment and the beauty of the island”.

“The idea of having a private island is the fantasy of many people: it’s like having a vineyard, and that’s the kind of people that can be purchased in places like this”, said.

It is one of the few private islands that exist in Puerto Rico and the market will be published next week by the international edition of the New York Times.

“This will help put Puerto Rico on the international map,” said Pena, who heads Puerto Rico Sotheby’s International Realty two years.

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