Kim Kardashian Is On A Tight Little Cream In Jeans With Heavy Hips

Posted On 20 May 2014
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As they prepare every detail of their magnum wedding, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for a quick fix got dessert.

  • Kim Kardashian brought backless top with this tight jeans.
  • The famous seeing how many flavors there were.
  • When choosing one.
  • Kim Kardashian has already been decided by his posterity.
  • How rich!

  • The famous 33 year old can still take her snacks.
  • Kim Kardashian was happy with her ice cream.
  • Total, then down those calories with a good cardio workout.

  • While Kanye did not look very happy. Do not have the flavor he wanted?
  • Upon their departure, many were waiting photographers and fans.
  • How about people taking pictures of the couple?
  • Ready! Back at the hotel to plan details of the ceremony.
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